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I belong to a group of entrepreneurs who have founded successful and not-so-successful companies :).

In all my journeys as an entrepreneur, I realized that believing in myself is critical to success. I often practice positive affirmations intently and, as a result, see their benefits.
I first saw their benefit as a child when I promised to get a top score in 8th grade so my dad could buy me a Nintendo gaming console. I wrote this affirmation on paper and pinned it to my study table. (More details on the blog post: Do positive affirmations work?)
I saw the affirmation numerous times during the day, and when I received my grade in the 8th grade, I was pleasantly surprised to see a top score on my report card.
Since then, I have practiced positive affirmation quite regularly and shared the methods with my close friends too. One of my friends is a living example of how positive affirmations helped him escape a deadly health problem.

Right now, I call myself successful and firmly believe that everyone deserves to be successful. To succeed, one must have the grit to do unimaginable things persistently and have a strong positive mindset. I want to make it as easy to be close to the affirmations as possible.
Since everyone wears clothes, if I put positive affirmations on the clothes would work perfectly.

I came up with life situations where we need a gentle nudge. E.g., working out, studies, lack of motivation, etc. I wrote the affirmations for each scenario and created the design using various tools. Each affirmation I designed shares the positive vibe that I used to create it. When you wear these affirmations, I trust you will feel the vibe and get motivated.

Let my designs, created with utmost love and positivity, guide you in your life situations, and I hope you find the success you deserve.

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- Vik