Do positive affirmations work?

Do positive affirmations work? - Affirm Effect


Take it from me; I have made positive affirmations work for me since I was 13. In 1990, I was in the eighth grade, a sub-average student and a passionate gamer. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to buy a Nintendo console which was a rage during those times. Nonetheless, I had set my sight on getting it. I was thinking and talking about it all the time. My dad suggested that if I want it so desperately, he will buy it for me, but on one condition. I was all ears and ready to do anything. He proposed that if I could get a minimum of 80% in my studies, he would buy the console.


I was ecstatic, but at the same time, I was worried. I had never paid so much attention to my studies until then, so getting 80% seemed like an uphill task. I needed a plan. More than that, I needed a positive mindset to achieve excellence. To set that mindset, I wrote, "I will achieve 80% in my 8th grade and papa will buy me a Nintendo console," on a piece of paper and posted it on my study table wall.
Every time I sat down to study or was in the room, the paper was visible, and I would read it. Now I realize that the quote started re-programming my mind. I began to visualize how great it would be to get a Nintendo. I don't even remember how much I studied, but when the results came out, I had received exactly 80%. My happiness knew no bounds! I was happy not because I would get a Nintendo, but because I had discovered something far more powerful: I can make things happen.


Later, I happened to read "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" by Joseph Murphy in my 10th grade, and I realized that everyone has this power to make things work for them. They need to practice it with positive affirmations regularly. Since then, I have been using positive affirmations and power of my subconscious mind in all aspects of my life. I excelled in my studies, went to the best university, and founded a successful e-commerce company with an exit.


I want everyone to realize the power of positive affirmations and use them daily. And what better way to use them than wearing them out. So I started Affirm Effect clothing that is all about wearing positive affirmations with a slight twist: The affirmations are written in the mirror image. Every time you look yourself in the mirror, you will see the correct affirmations.


It's time to move away from self-expression clothing to self-affirmations clothing that changes your mindset.


- Vik

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