6 Ways to Motivate Yourself at Work Using Affirmations

6 Ways to Motivate Yourself at Work Using Affirmations - Affirm Effect

Motivating yourself to work, especially when facing burnout or passing through a stressful phase of life, can be challenging.

However, affirmations (sometimes called mantras) have proven to work for different personalities. They’re the positive phrases that offer a way to manifest positively to yourself, your dreams, or your job and shut down the negative thoughts and energy.

Apart from speaking, you can record affirmations and play them as audio or write them down and stick them in places you often see (like the wall of your office or on top of your desk). Whatever works for you, affirmations can help you stay motivated and productive at your job. 

Here are some ways to use positive affirmations to motivate yourself at work.

1. Draw A Plan Daily and Stick to It

You become more productive when you have a clear structure of your tasks and a schedule on how to complete them. The brain can feel overwhelmed even with simple tasks, especially if they’re staring at you and you have no way to work through them.

Creating a schedule and sticking to it will give you a path to follow. Simple achievements after every effort will boost your motivation and keep you going. Since you won’t be working on the same thing daily, make a new plan each day to match your current commitments.

If you feel overwhelmed, here are some manifestations to help you through

  • I know where I’m going and have the tools to do what I should.
  • No one can do my job better than I do.
  • A single positive thought in the morning can impact my entire day.
  • I choose to start today with a powerful idea and let success reverberate all through my day.

2. Identify Your Fears and Struggles and Face Them

Sometimes the fears you have inside can bar you from pushing yourself up and being productive. To get through this, identify the reasons holding you back. Sometimes it’s the fear that you won’t do it better, you don’t feel appreciated, or you just procrastinate. 

Once you know your cause of retardation at work, it’s much easier to convince yourself to work through the struggle. 

To affirm your energy and abilities, recite these phrases:

  • I’m courageous enough to face my fears.
  • I won’t let distractions, procrastinations, and doubts get in my way of success.
  • I have what it takes to be good at what I do.
  • I won’t let my fears, thoughts, and doubts limit me.

3. Set Small Goals and Stick to Them

Instead of lamenting how much work you have, break the task into manageable bits and complete one after the other.

Remind yourself that the motivation lies within you; you can do it if you set your mind to it. Every time you tick each bit-size task will be a new motivation and strength to do more. This approach also works if you don’t feel like facing the task you have at the moment. 

These affirmations will help you unleash the power within.

  • I have the energy and motivation to work on my goals.
  • I know where I’m heading and am committed to achieving my goal.
  • I can change my obstacles into opportunities to boost my growth.

4. Hold Yourself Accountable

After setting your goals:

  1. Check in with yourself to ensure that you’re doing the right thing.
  2. Don’t cheat. If you fail to achieve your goals on the first attempt, be honest with yourself, and try again, with a promise to do it better this time.
  3. If you did it right, give yourself a small reward before moving on to the next task. 

To think positively about yourself and the task, recite these affirmations:

  • I stand for honesty and integrity; it doesn’t matter whether no one is watching.
  • I get the drive to do things I’m passionate about, not because I want to prove something.
  • Me to myself: I will make you so proud.
  • I’m improving myself and pushing closer to my dreams daily.

5. Take Short Breaks

Breaks are essential for your growth and productivity. You may be working against tight schedules. But, recognize when you’re facing burnout and take a step back. That will refresh your energy, help you to focus more, and motivate you to work.

Take frequent short breaks between tasks to recharge. You can take a short walk to change the scenery, snack, or take a few minutes on social media. But, set the alarm (especially if you’re going for social media) and return to work immediately after time is up. Social media can be a big distraction if you don’t control your content consumption. 

Remind yourself that:

  • Taking a break isn’t lazy. It helps me to recharge and remain productive.
  • I get more effective and productive after the self-care breaks.

6. Seek Clarity

Sometimes we feel stuck because we don’t know what to do and are either too proud or afraid to ask questions. Well, it’s okay to seek clarification. Reach out to the relevant people and inquire. Learn as much as possible and keep your curiosity levels at peak. The more you know about a topic, the easier it gets.

These affirmations will give you the courage you need if you find it challenging.

  • I have the humility to ask questions and seek clarification.
  • Asking questions isn’t embarrassing. It’s a way to gain the knowledge I need to improve my work.

Affirmations for Motivation at Work: Conclusion

Fear, stress, doubt, distractions, and procrastination can stagnate you for longer than you think. But affirmations will help you step into your power and charge into achieving your dreams with positive force.

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