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Assert mastery over yourself - Affirm Effect

Mastery over self.

Do you often ask yourself why you're this way? Or how can I be better? You're not alone in this. A lack of self-esteem manifests itself in different ways. Sometimes, it is an overconfident, rambunctious soul that is hiding something beneath.  

At other times, it's a bit more obvious in a meek person that cowers away from everything and everyone. There are many that regard themselves as lowly and do not see their talent and skill as anything worthy. But even our poor thoughts about ourselves are a manifestation of energy. 

How do we turn this negative energy into something positive? It all begins with wanting to assert mastery over yourself.


I assert  Mastery over myself...

Affirmations are repeated over and over again and lead to self-empowerment. These create belief in yourself, in your capabilities and open you up to the belief that you're worthy. Worthy of being kinder to yourself. Worthy of love. Worthy of success and all the goodness that life has to offer. 

Being master over your own emotions may seem like an impossibility, but loving yourself means every bit of you, and, when you love someone, you want what's best for them. And that means wanting what's best for you. 

This is my time of self-mastery

Investing in yourself and control the emotions that constantly flow through your body and mind means having a willingness to want to break out of the place you're in. It means giving yourself a chance to be your true self. It comes down to making a conscious decision. 

It can be scary at the beginning but deciding that it is your time of self-mastery brings with it freedom. 

How do you get through this?

Habits. You break them. Self-mastery is not about perfection. It's about perception. And the only perception that matters is your perception of yourself. This means being honest with yourself about every fiber of your being, writing down the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Loving yourself through it and making the decision to let go of what holds you back. If we are what we repeatedly do, this means that excellence is a habit. Or, it can at least become one. 

The path to self-mastery

Self-mastery is a way of living. It becomes who you are. And it involves a serious amount of introspection. The ultimate goal is always to achieve your vision. So, it makes sense that your journey begins with your vision. 

What is the vision that you have for your life? Where do you stand in line with your vision right now? Are there any obstacles that are preventing you from being where you should be? What habits or actions are in your way? Can you let go of these in order to be the best version of yourself?

Once you've honestly answered these questions, you've begun your journey of self-awareness. It is one that needs to be revisited regularly. Your desires will become your vision, and these will become your reality. 


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