The Impact of Positive Thinking on College Students

The Impact of Positive Thinking on College Students - Affirm Effect

College Student

Schooling can be an overwhelming experience for most students. This can begin as early on as kindergarten, and it can carry through to college. Apart from bodily changes, students deal with peer pressure and other stresses like tasks and assignments that go hand in hand with demanding schedules. 

It's easy to see why so many students experience burnout and stress. Is there a way to overcome this? Yes! And it all begins with you.

Positive affirmations

You may feel that there isn't much that within your control as a student. Your time, for instance, is predetermined, and everything else needs to be juggled around your school day. There is a way for you to aptly and confidently deal with whatever each day throws at you - by believing in yourself. 

Positive affirmations are gentle reminders that give you the confidence to overcome challenges and obstacles. One of our biggest knockdowns is lack of self-esteem, and the only way to build this is by believing in yourself. Easier said than done right? On the contrary, little changes make a huge difference. Your affirmations form your thinking and below are a few that you can use to start defining the new you:

  • I am a great student
  • I am doing my best
  • I have got this 
  • I am persistent
  • I am limitless

Your state of mind

Success lies in your hands. You're capable of doing anything that you want to do. Believing in this means acknowledging that you are where you need to be and that the only obstacle in your path is you. Your mental health depends largely on how you see yourself and what you feed your mind and body. 

A holistic approach to achieving your goals involves mind, body, and soul. Take that morning run, enjoy the beauty of nature and discover your ability to push your boundaries. Feast on foods that feed your mind and body and spend time in meditation or prayer to bring peace and serenity to your soul. 

A calm mind opens up opportunities to grasp and learn new things, and you'll find new excitement as you approach each day.

What effect does positivity have on your goals as a student?

We agree that the college phase of your life should be fun. All work and no play is the antithesis of a healthy approach to your studies. But, everything in moderation. Adjusting to a positive way of thinking makes it much easier to achieve your goals. You're more likely to respond to challenges than to react and this in itself encourages better decision making.

As a student, a positive frame of mind makes it easier for you to ask for help when you need it. You know that this is not a sign of weakness, and you're willing to accept wisdom and knowledge from those around you. You will also find that you're healthier and more energized, and the normal stress reactions to things like term papers or urgent assignments become a thing of the past. 

This is because you're better able to plan for and deal with these situations as they arise.


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