The Power of Positive Thinking during Pregnancy

The Power of Positive Thinking during Pregnancy - Affirm Effect


Pregnant woman

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful life experiences on earth. There is nothing that can compare to the fact that you're carrying a new life in you. It is also a time of roller-coaster emotions and moods. You literally feed your baby whatever it needs to grow and develop, and this includes your thoughts and feelings. 

Does this mean that your baby feels what you do? Absolutely yes! Taking care of your emotional health during pregnancy is crucial for both you and your baby. 

The mind of a pregnant woman

There's a lot going on in the mind of a pregnant woman. Once you become aware of your pregnancy, silly things like switching to decaf coffee or changing your exercise routine can cause stress and anxiety. Fears of weight gain, whether you're eating enough or too little can all become controlling thoughts that steal your joy. 

Remember this - a calm, happy mind will do wonders for your baby, and you're going to be an amazing mom.

Positive thinking

Your connection with your baby is something so intricate and delicate that whatever you do will affect him or her. You're going to spend the next 9 months bonding with your baby and this preparatory phase creates the stage for the rest of your baby's life. Choosing to spend moments speaking life and positivity into your tiny human has shown to have an enormous impact on them later on. 

But I know that it's easier said than done and there will be days when positivity is furthest from your mind. It ultimately comes down to a conscious decision and there are a few effective ways to keep you on track.

Positive affirmations

Affirmations are personal and finding one applicable to you is easy. To keep your mind from wandering into negative spaces, repeat your affirmation over again, and believe what you're saying. Most pregnant women tend to dwell on failing as a mom, financial stress, or health issues. Here are some positive affirmations to overcome these.

  • "I am a great mom"
  • "I can work around my finances and create a solid foundation for my family"
  • "I have a healthy pregnancy"

Fight the stress

It is true that anxiety and stress levels soar during pregnancy but these are easily overcome with simple changes like daily exercise. And as you go about your exercise routine, repeat your affirmations. 


Link your affirmations to a beautiful image, a safe space, or even a vision of what your baby will be someday. Create that perfect environment for a healthy state of mind for you and your baby by focusing on the positive.

A woman that employs positive thinking is able to sleep better, eat better, and focus on the beautiful changes that are taking place in her body. Every decision that you make affects your mind in one way or another and some have lasting effects. Don't cut yourself short, and remember that it's never too late to adopt a new habit or behavior. 

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